Killers of the Flower Moon

Killers of the Flower Moon

Certain legends in the Hollywood ethos attain the state where if they want to tell a story, then a movie lover like me will certainly be in the front row to listen to it. It doesn't matter how long the narration is or what the story is about. Killers of the Flower Moon is one such story that Martin Scorcese brought to life. Though the performances are top-notch, the 3.5 hours of run-time and lack of gripping screenplay by the end worked against the movie.

Martin Scorcese did not waste any time in setting the scene of how Osage Nation people used to be before oil. The movie starts with the discovery of oil by the tribe (I felt it was a bold screenplay decision because you are relying solely on the rest of the story for movie progression.) and quickly paints the picture of how rich the people have become. The first half was great. You get sucked into the world. Leo's performance is exactly spot-on. But as the movie progresses, it falls flat on holding the audience's attention as there is literally nothing going on with the plot. The director focused on staying true to the original material and presenting everything that happened then making it a more appealing movie to the broader audience. This movie paints a true picture of one of the episodes of white people's atrocities on native american tribes.

All the performances of the lead actors are flawless(Leonardo Di Caprio, Lily Gladstone and Robert DeNiro). I felt gut-wrenching whenever Robert DeNiro quoted the bible during the climax. He still commands a scene at the age of 80. The artwork is true to the era. The cinematography and background score felt okay.

The movie is not a great theatrical experience but a must-watch in OTT. This might come later this year in Apple TV. This might be the last movie in Scorcese and DeNiro combination.

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