Introducing Uwubernetes i.e. Kubernetes v1.30 ❤️

Introducing Uwubernetes i.e. Kubernetes v1.30 ❤️

Kubernetes project is progressing with a great pace and is being widely adopted by different sectors for wide variety of workloads. Hence there are lot of new features being added to the project to make it more robust and stable. This project also have stable, beta and alpha features introduced to them. You can find more about Uwubernetes(I know, it is cute and weird at the same time 😜) here

Stable Features

  • Volume manger is refactored to get more information about how volumes are mounted after kubelet restart

  • Prevent unauthorized volume mode conversion during volume restore . From 1.30 only the SA that have right permissions can make changes while restoring snapshot to PV. More information here

  • Using .spec.schedulingGates you can now control when the pod is declared to be ready. This reduces burden on Scheduler to place an unplacable pod in a node due to resource constraints or similar issues. You can find more about SchedulingGates here.

  • You can now use minDomains parameter in PodTopologySpread constaints as it graduates. PodTopologySpread is an interesting feature to distribute pods across the cluster/regions which comes with a great constraints and requires significant learning. Read about it here.

  • Kubernetes now uses Go workspaces. This does not effect end users but effects developers.

Beta Features

  • You can now get logs from induvidual nodes using features in kubelet like NodeLogQuery, enableSystemLogHandler and enableSystemLogQuery. See more information here.

  • CRD validation ratcheting using feature gate CRDValidationRatcheting .

  • Contextual logging. Using this the developers can add contextual details to logs with WithValues and WithName.

  • Make Kubernetes aware of the LoadBalancer behaviour. Read more here.

There are ton of alpha features that are being added to the Uwubernetes 😂. The strong developer community and wide variety of use cases making Kubernetes de-facto way for the next two decades.

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